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Places to Date near Palm Beach

June 3rd, 2011

Palm Beach provides a great setting for dating. You can find high end restaurants and hot night clubs. Here are a few places to consider for dating in the Palm Beach area.


Going out to eat is a good standby date activity. You can find plenty of restaurants that are suitable for a date. You can make the date more special with a little research first. If your date is in to vegetarian fare, spend some time finding a restaurant that serves only organic vegetarian food. In to ethnic food then look for a quaint place that has great food. For lunch dates find a place that serves gourmet sandwiches and wine, or coffee and pastries. It’s a good idea to get some take out from the restaurant a few days before your date. This way you won’t be surprised by high prices or bad food.

Clubs and Openings

Palm Beach is full of clubs, there are even some swinging clubs. New clubs open all the time. An opening event can make for a great date if you do some planning. You may need to score an invite for the more exclusive ones, but with a little networking this isn’t hard. Be sure you and your date know what type of club atmosphere it is so you can dress appropriately.

Beach Dates

There are tons of activities to take advantage of along the water. Look for beach side restaurants, aquariums, and even water tours. For a cheap date, plan a day walking along the coast and just enjoying the sun and sea spray.

Beach Dating Games

May 29th, 2011

Beach dates have the potential to be very romantic. However, if you don’t spend some time planning they also have the potential of being very boring. Here are some quick and easy games you can play to keep interest levels high.
Sand Darts
Sand darts is a simple family oriented game that can be tweaked and played with dating couples easily. Draw a large circle in the sand and draw another small circle to denote the center. Use shells found along the coast line to toss in to the circle. The person with the shell closest to the center circle is the winner. To spice this up for an adult activity, play several rounds with the loser buying the winner a drink, or any other prizes of your choice.
Photo Treasure Hunt
Come up with a predetermined list of things you will certainly see along the beach. Each of you take a camera or camera phone, and go in different directions. The first to arrive back with photographic evidence of all the things on the list is the winner. This can be a lot of fun, and you can get very creative.
You can find large checker boards that are made of a fabric material and can be used as blankets. These are commonly found in the toy department as they are designed for children. However, they make a great laid back beach activity as well. Grab a few drinks, lay out the mat, and play a few games of checkers on the water. This is perfect for a picnic as well, since it will give you something to do without losing your spot on the sand.

Meeting someone at the Beach – Dating Tips

April 7th, 2011

Beach dating can be a lot of fun. Even during colder weather the ocean sets a great romantic backdrop for a date. If you’ve decided to have a beach date and are meeting your date at a beach, there are a few things that can help make the date more special and memorable.
Adult Picnic
Picnics can be very romantic, and when you include a beach setting it can be even better. This is a great first date activity too. Have your date meet you at the beach, and come prepared with gourmet take out food, a bottle of wine, and a nice blanket to lie on. Bonus points if you plan this around sunset or sunrise so you can watch the clouds and sky change color over the water.
Boating Activities
Going out on the water for a date is a great idea. You can charter a boat if you don’t own one. The charters are typically cheaper than most people assume, and to do this for half a day is quite affordable. You can take glass bottom tours to add more adventure. Sunset cruises are popular and can be very romantic. You can even find boating events for couples that serve as formal events complete with food and dancing.
Beach Sports
If you are both active, plan for a day of sports with a late lunch at a local beach front cafe. Volleyball is a good standby, and most beaches have nets already set up for people. Water skiing, fishing, and other sports activities can be great for a date with an active person.

What Beach Dating Services You Might Find

March 2nd, 2011

Beach dating services are easy to find. Whether you live near the coast or are looking to spend some time on the water, a beach dating service can be of value. There are several types of dating services available, and they may not all be a good idea for your situation. Here are the basics you should make yourself aware of.
Matchmaking Services
A matchmaking service will help you weed through others who are looking for a long term dating situation until you find someone you are compatible with. With a professional matchmaking service you are assured that a professional is able to help you make the picks. This is great for people who end up in dating situations that don’t work out. The matchmaker can help you determine what qualities you are going after that maybe aren’t terribly compatible. When you are looking for people who live along the beach this could be important. Instead of finding the perfect body and only that, the matchmaker can find people with more in common with you, making a better match.
Escort Dating Services
If you are only looking to spend a few days at the beach, whether for a vacation or meeting, an escort dating service may be a good option for you. With this a professional service will send women to spend time with you for pay. There are no strings in this type of situation. Most of the women will be from the area, so will be able to help you find some great spots to go. If you decide you want more than just a date, you may be able to work something out with the escort. Paying for a date doesn’t have the stigma it used to, and it can be a great way to have an attractive woman on your arm.

Top Three Hot Beach Date Ideas

February 19th, 2011

Beach dates can be a lot of fun if you take the time to plan them. Without a plan, a beach date can get really boring. Here are a few ways to make a good impression with a beach date.
Romantic Date Idea
If you want your date to be more on the romantic side, plan it for later in the afternoon. This way you can plan a romantic sunset picnic. Pack a cooler with some simple finger foods, a bottle of champagne or wine, and grab a blanket. Sit and watch the sunset while sipping on some bubbly. After you can lay back and point out constellations or whatever else happens to come up.
Act Like a Kid Again
Sometimes the best way to woo over a date is to allow your inner child to surface. Get a few kites and run along the beach while flying them. This is a sure way to have a great time and get the laughter going. Collapse on the sand on an over sized blanket after to add some romance to the package.
Many beaches will allow camping. If a beach near you allows this, check to see if you’d be allowed to start a small camp fire. Sit around the fire and roast marshmallows. Play a few tunes on a guitar. Tell ghost stories. These are great ways to have some fun. Pitch a tent or two if your date doesn’t want to get too close, and spend the night on the water. This can be incredibly romantic and will be a memorable experience for both parties.

Meeting Long Beach Singles

January 1st, 2011

Meeting singles in the Long Beach area isn’t difficult if you know where to look. You don’t have to pound the pavement every day to find other singles. Here are some great tips and tricks to help you meet other singles in your area.
Find Singles Events
Head over to a local coffee shop of a Long Beach community center to find postings about singles events taking place. Many organizations, including churches, will host singles dances and events. The purpose of this is to be able to mingle with other singles in the area. Most events are low cost, charging just enough to cover overhead. Expect to pay more for events that involve food or transportation, such as formals or cruises.
Speed Dating
Long Beach is full of singles who try out speed dating. With this option it’s simple to meet other singles. You will simply go to a speed dating event, and will have 10 minutes or less with the other singles there. If you like someone, you let the coordinator know at the end of the event and if the feeling was mutual, they will put you in touch.
Online Options
Dating and swingers sites are going to be the most popular and easiest ways to meet other Long Beach singles. You can find websites just for the Long Beach area, or you can find larger sites that allow you to filter through the profiles based on location. The nice thing about using websites is you can browse on your own time. If you run across a profile that catches your eye, a simple email introduction is all you need to get the conversation started. If you choose a swinging site that also offer live chat or video chat, you will have the bonus of getting to know someone before you set up a personal meeting.